Podcast Ad Sales Isn’t About Selling

I began my career in podcast ad sales back in 2012. I was working at TWiT as the Director of Marketing, when an opportunity arose to be a part of the CEO’s recently formed in-house sales team.

Within days, I was given a lead for a potential client and I had my first sales call. At the time, everything I knew about podcast sponsorships was from the spots that I had heard.

This first potential advertiser I spoke to had questions: How are podcast advertising rates determined? What podcasts should I consider? How will I know if my ads are effective?

I didn’t know the answer to every question, but I made it my mission to seek them out.

The next potential advertiser had similar questions to the first, plus a few more about the ad formats (like pre-roll vs. mid-roll) and audience demographics.

By my third call with a potential sponsor, I had built up a stockpile of information and answers. I was able to educate them to the point where we both felt confident moving forward with sponsoring a podcast. (To this day, this client is still a podcast advertiser.)


I have never liked the term “salesman” or the idea that to sell is simply to persuade someone.

From the start, I’ve sought to educate people and build information-based relationships. I am always happy to offer potential clients information and value, whether they choose to buy or not. When working with a potential or existing client, I’m not out to make a sale; I’m looking to find and create opportunities where we can build success–but only if it makes sense.

That philosophy has guided me in my sales career. And now–as a podcast advertising agency–that’s what we do at ADOPTER Media. It goes beyond facilitating the purchase of ads on a podcast. That’s only one element of building success in this medium.

Hundreds of campaigns and millions of dollars in ad campaigns later, I’d say that this approach has worked.

If you’re interested in advertising on podcasts, please contact us to start the conversation.

We’re always happy to answer your questions and discuss the possibilities.

Glenn Rubenstein
Glenn Rubenstein

Glenn Rubenstein is the Founder and CEO of ADOPTER Media. Since 2007, he's helped brands engage online audiences through authentic advertising.