Podcast Advertising Network or Podcast Ad Agency?

When navigating the world of podcast advertising, it’s common to encounter the terms “podcast advertising network” and “podcast ad agency.” These two entity types, while integral to the industry, function much differently. Understanding these distinctions can help you make informed decisions tailored to your needs, whether you’re a podcaster or…

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YouTube Advertising Campaigns: Ad Types, Benefits, & Examples

How do you use YouTube to elevate and grow your brand? Today, I had the pleasure of delving deep into the heart of YouTube advertising with one of the top YouTube buyers in the world, Elsie Bernaiche. Let me tell you, this convo was nothing short of exhilarating. As we…

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Podcast Advertising Rates Explained

If you’re looking to sponsor podcasts, you probably have questions about podcast advertising rates: How are costs determined? What does CPM stand for? Are dynamic podcast ads priced the same as traditional podcast sponsorships? In this article, we’ll explain how podcast ad rates work with regard to podcast advertising costs.…

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Direct Response Marketing: Strategies, Examples, Costs & More

Introduction Podcast sponsorships are a hot topic for up-and-coming and well-established brands alike. The industry itself is doing well over $1B in revenue and is expected to continue its rapid growth. You could say, “money talks.” literally. Podcasts have been propelling brands into the spotlight like BetterHelp, Magic Spoon Cereal,…

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DesignCrowd & The Long Tail of Podcast Sponsorships

This is a deep dive into DesignCrowd and the long-tail success they’ve had with podcast sponsorships. It’s an example of the results you can achieve with sponsoring podcasts. As the founder of a podcast advertising agency-and someone who has worked on hundreds of campaigns-I can tell you that most podcast sponsorships…

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"I hate most agencies, but I really like ADOPTER Media."

-Kevin Moran, Co-Founder, Beam

Featured Podcast Industry Post

Podcast Advertising Strategy: The Power of Independent Podcasters

Podcast sponsorship experts ADOPTER Media’s Glenn Rubenstein and Athletic Greens’ Martha Gallant discuss the benefits of sponsoring independent podcasts. (Live from the X Fronts) GR:…

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