Podcast Ad Copy: Lessons Learned from $100M in Podcast Ads

Introduction Podcast advertising continues to propel brands into the zeitgeist of consumer thought through intimate storytelling. Brands like BetterHelp, Manscaped, Magic Spoon Cereal have leveraged podcasts to scale and impact their bottom line. And now, it’s time for you to jump in! Having great podcast ad copy is key to…

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Podcast Advertising Strategy: The Power of Independent Podcasters

Podcast sponsorship experts ADOPTER Media’s Glenn Rubenstein and Athletic Greens’ Martha Gallant discuss the benefits of sponsoring independent podcasts. (Live from the X Fronts) GR: I’m Glenn Rubenstein from the podcast advertising agency ADOPTER Media. I am here today to talk with Martha Gallant, the Senior Director of Audio Partnerships…

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The MP3 Made Podcasts Possible

The MP3 was recently declared dead by its creators, although you wouldn’t know it in the world of podcasts. Podcasting owes a lot of its success to the MP3 format. In fact, the current podcast industry probably wouldn’t exist without it. Disclaimer: Podcasting has always had a broad landscape. Dozens (if not hundreds) of people…

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The First Podcast Ad I Ever Heard

The first podcast ad that I ever heard was on The Adam Carolla Show. This was back in 2010. The phrasing and introduction now seem common, but they weren’t at the time. I remember when I first heard Adam say he wanted to take a moment and thank his sponsor. It got…

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The Story of The ManGrate and Its Podcast Ads 

In my podcast advertising book, I discuss the first podcast sponsorship I ever heard, which was the ManGrate ads on the Adam Carolla Show in 2010. In this episode, we’re going to get the story behind that ad campaign. I recently had the chance to chat with Evan McConnell, inventor…

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Podcast Ad Sales Isn’t About Selling

I began my career in podcast ad sales back in 2012. I was working at TWiT as the Director of Marketing, when an opportunity arose to be a part of the CEO’s recently formed in-house sales team. Within days, I was given a lead for a potential client and I had my…

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"Our experience with ADOPTER has been first-rate! They utilize a hands on approach and take the time to meet with you to clearly spell out how campaigns are performing so both podcast and brand can get the most out of the relationship."

- Jordan Meiselas, Meidas Touch

Featured Podcast Education Post

Podcast Advertising Network or Podcast Ad Agency?

When navigating the world of podcast advertising, it’s common to encounter the terms “podcast advertising network” and “podcast ad agency.” These two entity types, while…

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Podcast Advertising Rates Explained

If you’re looking to sponsor podcasts, you probably have questions about podcast advertising rates: How are costs determined? What does CPM stand for? Are dynamic…

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