Coming Soon: Podcast Advertising with Glenn Rubenstein

My name is Glenn Rubenstein. I’m the author of Podcast Advertising Works: How to Turn Engaged Audiences Into Loyal Customers. I’m also the founder of the ADOPTER Media podcast advertising agency.

I’ve worked in podcast advertising for over 5 years now. I’m excited at how much the industry has grown–and continues to grow. In fact, Bridge Ratings estimates that over $243 million will be spent on podcast advertising for 2017, on its way to over $500 million for the year 2020.

Since I published my book, many people have asked “where’s the podcast?” This is Episode 0!

In future episodes, we’re going to talk with podcast advertisers and podcasters alike about this side of the business. We’ll also answer your questions and give you actionable advice about best practices for podcast ads, podcast advertising rates, and more.

Please give this teaser episode a listen and email us YOUR questions. (I give out my direct email address at the end of the episode.)

Also, be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or your favorite podcatcher–and look for our first episode to launch soon.

Thanks for listening!

Glenn Rubenstein
Glenn Rubenstein

Glenn Rubenstein is the Founder and CEO of ADOPTER Media. Since 2007, he's helped brands engage online audiences through authentic advertising.