A Podcast Advertising Case Study

Füm scales 400% in size working with ADOPTER Media!

In early 2021, Füm needed a new avenue for advertising. However, navigating the delicate landscape of their industry presented unique challenges, demanding a personalized touch. Read how podcast advertising emerged as the perfect fit for their brand  below. 👇

The Challenge

A category defining product, Füm has had to jump through hurdles to reach it’s target customer--those needing a healthy tool to help break negative habits.

Füm is a nicotine free, smokeless and vapeless device that mimics some nasty habits in an effort to make switching easier. But, that requires a lot of education, and until they reached scale, the overlords of Meta and other major advertising platforms were not eager to tell Füm’s story.

In 2021, with the business on its last legs, Füm began working with podcasters as a branch off of their creator partnership program they had been building out.

Podcasters like Ben Greenfield and Michael Malice had seen the heart behind the brand and it’s mission and were eager to tell their story and start a tidal wave of conversation to propel them into beginning their unstoppable growth through podcast ads.

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The Plan

Füm grew their internal campaigns from $5k/Month to nearly $40k/Monthly spend with a one person army--he was good at his job, and the one now writing this case study (Oops, 4th wall has officially been broken).

After hitting some plateaus on capacity internally and a lack of negotiating power behind the spend, ADOPTER Media hired Adam McNeil and brought Füm in as a client.

Joining ADOPTER meant that Füm could leverage the data of over 100,000 ads placed across 25,000 shows to get on the right shows at the right rates that would work best for the brand. Within the first week of Füm joining ADOPTER, we’ve been able to establish better rates on existing shows in Füm’s past campaigns to lower their CPA by up to 75%.

1 year into working with ADOPTER, Füm has scaled 400% in size and has earned industry recognition as #1 advertiser in their category with over 1,000+ podcast ads on over 170 podcasts.

These Results Are FUM’m!

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The Strategy

Lightning Strike

We focused on scaling through Comedy as their key category. Working our way up the ladder of comedians to work with many of the top Comedy shows and earning free organic mentions in the community from key influencers like Joe Rogan amongst others.

Build Trust

Partnering with podcasters who have overcome habits like Steve-O, Bridget Phetasy, and Andrew Schulz were critical for building true authenticity behind the brand. Onboarding calls were pivotal for ensuring messaging was clear, impactful and honest.


Füm needed a team that could scale their efforts as the demand for a better replacement emerged. The ADOPTER Media team was the perfect fit for navigating high touch partnerships by onboarding every podcaster, and scaling campaigns.

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“It ’s no doubt Füm’s podcast campaigns are my baby- - it was my first campaign while I worked in house. Since moving to ADOPTER and bringing Füm with me, they ’ve exploded in scale due to the access to bigger data sets, better rates, and a team that was equipped to scale from day 1. Füm is a special fit for podcasts, and I ’m honored. to be the one helping them grow consistently.”

Adam McNeil, VP Marketing @ ADOPTER Media

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“Podcasting Advertising is about experience, negotiation, and creativity. Get two of these points right and you'll have a successful campaign, get all three and you'll have a bit of magic that no other advertising source can beat.

ADOPTER has that magic. Our podcasting campaigns have gone on fire since working with their team.  From knowing what shows to buy on, negotiating the right deal, and creating the best creative copy, Adopter seems to be one step ahead of our needs and it's showing on our bottom line.”

Daniel Ogden, Chief Marketing Officer @ Füm

Organic Media:
Even More Results!

Due to a concentrated effort of targeting connected shows and hosts, Füm has been mentioned organically on shows regularly. From Plan Bri Uncut to Matt and Shane’s Comedy Podcast and even the #1 podcast in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience.

Füm regularly receives free media as a result of intentional strategy.

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Converting Engaged Listeners into Your Customers

At ADOPTER Media, we’ve been scaling brands through podcast ads for over 8 years. We’ve placed over 100,000 ads for brands like Magic Spoon Cereal, Blue Chew, Apostrophe, Rhone, HubSpot and more! With over 1000 successful campaigns, we know what works and what doesn’t.

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